Supporting our friend Walter…

November 13, 2011

As many of you know, Walter has been fighting Sarcoidosis.  A disease that causes “granulomas” or tumors to grow throughout the body.  Walter is a tough cookie and has endured alot over the past few years fighting this, as he continues to do, with strength and courage.  Walter is now receiving chemotherapy to help slow the growing “tumors” down.  Not a fun time at all.  He needs our support and love more than ever!  Walter is a wonderful person.  Father, Son, Uncle, Brother, Friend….he is all of these things and he is amazing in each role.  He is an important person to many of us and needs our support and prayers more than ever…


8 Responses to “Supporting our friend Walter…”

  1. epeterson said

    Praying for your fight and for those closest to you in battle through this time.

  2. Odile said

    Hang on, Walter! ❤

  3. Kim said

    Stay Strong Walter!! I was diagnosed in 06 and the Chemo treatments have helped me so much…We will beat Neurosarcoidosis!!

  4. Jessica Calix (Reynolds) said

    Thinking of you and your family!

  5. Sue Agrimson said

    Hello Walter, You don’t know me but I am Lauren’s mother in law. She has shared what has been going on. You have my sympathy on this but it’s is amazing what the right treatment can do to make you feel better. Hang in there and visualize healing in your body! Prayers are being sent your way.

    Sue Agrimson

  6. Justin Sidell said

    You will get through this big dawg!!! If we got through a 0- 16 bball season in YBA this aint shit….. One love

  7. Tanya said

    I’ve been there Walter. Still there really. Try to keep ur stress level down. It helps!

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